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Kings Of Leon - Temple

(you can see Chris Coleman a few time)

Kings of Leon playing Don’t Matter - Live at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville (07-Fev-2014)

We can finally see Chris Coleman clearly, playing in a proper space. They all rock!

(video by Kristina Flores, found by KOLfanblog)

Chris Coleman playing with wife Holly Williams


Holly Williams performing Waiting on June

There’s not many songs that can turn this here grown-ass man into a wimpy weeping willow, but holy shit…

This already makes the third song off of Holly’s album The Highway that I’ve featured on SONGbiscuit. At this rate, I fully expect every song on the album to be featured at some point. Hey, why not!? It’s a truly brilliant piece of work.

Be sure to check out those two previous posts, Drinkin’ and Gone Away From Me.

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Chris Coleman supporting his wife Holly Williams.  A W E S O M E


American Songwriter Live: Holly Williams

Singer-songwriter Holly Williams has quite the musical pedigree. Her granddad is Hank, Sr., her dad is Bocephus. And that’s a lineage that gets talked about – a lot. On her new album, The Highway, Holly pays tribute to her mom’s side of the family in the song “Waiting On June,” which tells the love story of her Louisiana grandparents, who were together “through a war and four babies.”

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